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Music and Mission

Spring 2020

lift weekend

LIFT Weekend is a world-class weekend experience that will challenge students at all points in their spiritual walk and encourage them to embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle. This annual January event focuses on passionate worship, engaging teaching and spiritual discipleship designed to fuel faith within the hearts of teenagers to build mature followers of Jesus who don’t just survive in society, but thrive. Do not worry, we always make time for a late night Krispy Kreme run to top off a great weekend.

Registration opens for One Night attendees only from September 25-October 2. General registration begins on October 3rd.

Village Middle getaway

Getaway allows middle school students to encounter Christ in an unforgettable atmosphere of worship. Held at Camp Longridge, students will have the opportunity to engage with one another through activities such as paintball, ropes course, and the infamous Blob.

Village High getaway

A camp experience unlike any other, Getaway provides high school students an opportunity to retreat to the mountains where they will marvel at God’s creation while being immersed in Christ-centered community and worship. Students will enjoy activities such as whitewater rafting, zorbing, and indoor snow tubing and will have the opportunity to engage with the community through service.

Student leadership University

Student Leadership University (SLU) is a faith-based, executive leadership training program that empowers students to change the way they think, dream, and lead. Each year, Village Students takes a group to one of their conferences in order that we might be challenged to stand up, and lead the way amongst our peers.