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Below you can find information concerning your VGroup weekly material, as well as other announcements, and information.


Weekly Curriculum

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6th-8th grade

Who I Am

Week 3: “I Am Forgiven”

11th grade - Leadership

Commitment: Following Jesus

**Lake Scare-o-lina

9th Grade - Foundation

Freshman Five: “I wish I knew…”

**Parent Party

12th grade - Legacy

Impact - Faith That Works

**Lake Scare-o-lina

10th Grade - Ambassador

On Mission

**Lake Scare-o-lina

Have Questions?

Please let the VSM staff know if you have any questions or concerns about your VGroup curriculum and/or need direction for teaching.

4 Ways VSM Equips Our VGroup Leaders

c4 Gathering

C4 Explosion is a yearly gathering that allows volunteers of the four C’s to engage and encourage each other as they embark on the upcoming year. This will take place in the fall. Student VGroup leaders will meet in addition to C4 explosion again in the spring.

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build up

It is just as important for leaders to grow in community as it is for students. As leaders, we must demonstrate what it means to be a family in Christ because we both set and live the standard. Build Up is a way for leaders to connect with fellow leaders, their families and the VSM staff. Build Up will take place twice a semester. Dates and locations may vary. Build Up will allow the VSM staff to emulate relational discipleship with VGroup leaders and challenge them to do the same with their students. Leaders will engage in fellowship and spiritual growth while allowing transparency to discuss internal questions regarding their VGroup.

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Parent Parties

Effective VGroup leaders not only value the leader/student relationship, but also value the leader/parent relationship. The Village Student Ministry Staff understands the importance of prioritizing the parent as the leader of discipleship and the role of the staff and VGroup leader in walking alongside the parent in the effort to disciple. To rebuild this form of discipleship in the home, VSM is committed to scheduling a Parent Party for each VGroup. The goal of Parent Parties is to build community among the families, specifically the parents of your VGroup. The staff will join your group on this evening and share with parents ways their student can grow in their relationship with Christ and grow as a leader within the student ministry and community. Parents will be able to ask questions and receive helpful resources to continue discipleship within their home.

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appreciation nights

VGroup leaders sacrifice a lot of time investing in the lives of their students. It is important to acknowledge that investment with Appreciation Nights. Twice a year Village Church will provide an evening or event to show volunteers how much the church and staff appreciate them.

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Helpful Tips

Below you will find information and links that will help you effectively fulfill the role of a VGroup leader.

Personal Study & Teaching

The following are resources to help you study and understand God’s Word and teach it to your students.

Living By The Book: How to Study the Bible >

Blue Letter Bible: Study Tool >


The following will help you communicate with your group using the GroupMe App. Walk through the steps on this link to answer any questions you may have about GroupMe then register your self to the App.

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VGroup Leadership guide

The following is a guide to help you understand what the expectations are for you as a VGroup leader. This guide discusses important information about Village Student Ministry, how to grow and be effective as a leader, how to administer your group, and more.

VGroup Leader Guide >


The following guidelines apply to all adults (staff or volunteer) working with students at Village Church and provides policy information to parents and guardians. The purpose of these guidelines is to protect our students, families, volunteers, staff, church and the integrity of ministry to students at Village Church.

VillageChurch Leader Policy >

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